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Proper essay writing skills are very crucial among university students. But what is an essay? Over the years, many scholars have tried to come up with a conclusive definition of the word essay. Fredrick Crews define an essay as a fairly brief piece of non-fiction that tries to make a point in an interesting way. When writing an essay, it would be important to methodically analyze an issue or a topic in question. In simple terms, an essay seeks to provide an academic opinion with regard to a particular topic.

When writing an essay, you should put up an informed argument which will not only retell about the existing ideas from various sources. You should therefore have an idea with regard to what you are writing. You should have an informed position with regard to a specific point which you can defend with evidence and argument.

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Since the inception of US Academic Writers, we have helped thousands of students complete their assignments. Over the years we have recruited hundreds of writers from different areas of education. All our writers are highly qualified in their respective areas of study either having a masters or a doctorate degree.

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Our writers are native English speakers and they go through a rigorous selection process that ensures that we only keep the best writers. The writers are well equipped with proper writing and referencing techniques to ensure that they are able to handle any type of assignment that comes our way. We have also taken our time to ensure that we have qualified writers in all areas of education from sciences, to religion to arts. Whatever the course that you are taking, you can rely on the quality of our services.

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