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Financial accounting assignment help online is one of the most common queries we get at US Academic Writers. Financial accounting is a branch in accounting that pertains summarizing, analyzing and reporting accounting data for a business usually at the end of an accounting period. Other branches of accounting include cost accounting, managerial accounting, taxation and auditing. The financial accountant gathers relevant accounting data which he then uses to prepare financial statements to be used by outsiders. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) stipulates the procedure to be followed by an organization in presenting its financial statements to outsiders. Different parties like potential investors, creditors and shareholders make use of the financial statements to interpret the business position before making an informed decision.

Many students have a difficulty in handling financial accounting assignment due to the accounting concepts involved and mathematical calculations. Students can get guidance by following financial accounting assignment help online for ease understanding of the financial accounting procedures. We are an established company with hands on experience when it comes to handling different financial accounting essays.

How financial accounting assignment help online is put into practice

  1. Financial accounting allows organizations to come up with financial reports as well as financial statements. Our expert writers know how to prepare all these statements and reports are required by the instructions that you provide.
  2. We use financial accounting to generate a budget. You will encounter many financial accounting assignments falling under the topic of budgeting. Preparing a budget will help you to get a clear picture on whether the financial fortune of your company will remain the same, increase or decrease.
  3. Financial account makes it easy for an organization to purchase goods and services from another organization. It facilitates this process by keeping track of accounts receivables as well as accounts payables. This is another crucial aspect or financial accounting that many examiners focus on.
  4. Financial accounting allows investors and shareholders to get a clear picture of the financial health of the organization. Such information allows them to make informed decisions on whether to invest in the organization or not to.

Ways though which financial accounting can be misused

In as much as financial accounting is used to advance good intentions, incidences of fraud have been observed among many financial accountants. We are going to look at two ways through which financial accounting can be misused.

The first instance is when an organization decides to use their financial accountants to exaggerate profits. This practice is usually done in a bid to attract potential investors. This is because investors will always be willing to establish in businesses with better chances of making huge profit margins.

There are also incidences when organizations decide to hide their expenses. When preparing financial statements, the accountant may hide capital expenditures from the balance sheet. This is done to give an impression that the ratio of debt/equity is low. Kindly refer to our financial accounting help service if you want more information regarding how organizations can hide expenses.

Significant areas in financial accounting

Financial accounting has 3 main accounting key areas. They include;

  • Changes in owner’s equity or cash flow
  • Income and expenses of the company
  • General/ overall financial health of the organization.

Income statement

Financial statements play a very crucial in accounting. They measure the financial performance of the organization within a stipulated time period. It is also referred to as profit and loss account. Our team of professional writers will ensure that all your problems with financial assignment help are solved. There are two main types of financial incomes;

Operating income- it reveals regular operations of the business. This is the part that investors and shareholders are most interested in.

Non-operating income- this part reveals expenses and revenues that are not directly involved in the day to day running of the business. These revenues and expenses and revenues are not directly related to the operations of the business.

Structure of the income statement:


A cash flow statement will aggregate all data regarding the inflow of cash emanating from operational activities as well as outflow of cash towards investments and operations. We have a team of professional accountants who will be able to answer all your financial accounting assignment help questions. They will be able to effectively show you your correct cash position.

Structure of cash flow statement

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is a statement that will summarize assets, liabilities and owner’ equity/capital at a specific point in time. Our financial accounting assignment help experts will ensure that you understand every bit of a balance sheet. The following formula will help you picture the process of preparing a balance sheet.

Assets= Liabilities + Owner’ Equity

Our professional writers will help you understand how a balance sheet works. The two sides in a balance sheet must balance.

Example of a balance sheet


Uses of financial accounting reports

The financial reports help to indicate how the business is performing. Statement of cash flow indicates how capital flows in the company.

Financial accounting data is an important source of information when it comes to the preparation of the budget and forecasting future expenses. Accountants make use of accounting reports from the past in estimating figures to be used in budgeting.

Investors, creditors and shareholders make use of the financial accounting reports in making informed decision on their investment relationship with the company.

The government uses financial accounting reports in computing the amount of tax that should be remitted by the company.

Key financial accounting areas

  • Income statement

It summarizes the income and expenses incurred by the business in a financial year. The difference between the income and expenses is the profit or loss for the company.

  • Cash flow statement

Cash flow statement reports the changes in capital structure of the company or owner equity. It helps in predicting the future position of the business.

  • Balance sheet

It is a statement prepared to indicate the financial position of the business It summarises the company assets on one side and capital and liabilities on the other side.

Why do you need financial accounting assignment help online?

Financial accounting homework projects are not easy to handle. Every now and then, students are requested to write financial statements from complex information of an organization. Sometimes, we face difficulties when coming up with a balance sheet or any other financial statement  because it is a very complicated process. That is the reason why we are always here to offer you help whenever you are stuck. Most of the common issues those students experiences while working on these assignments are listed herewith below;

  • Balancing of assets and liabilities is usually a big problem to most students and that is why the look for financial accounting homework help.
  • While working on income statement accounting assignments, most students will get problems when they are asked to include advanced tax calculations in income statements.
  • Some students also have a problem when it comes to distinguishing between expenses and liabilities. In this case, you will find some of them having mixed up the two therefore resulting in the wrong balances. Our team of financial accounting writing help online experts will help you in solving all assignments in accounting.

How we can help you with financial accounting assignments

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