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Financial services online essays basically represents those economic services which are mainly provided by financial institutions such as government institutions, banks, credit card companies, stock brokers, investment banks and so on.  You will realize that financial services in any government represent a very crucial segment of the national GDP. If the financial services industry is strong, then we can comfortably say that that economy has a strong banking sector and the country has a low level of corruption.

Different kinds of Financial Services Online Essays

Insurance services

Simply stated, insurance represents the kind of financial services online essays where the economic risk is transferred from one entity to the other.  It mainly involves an individual and an insurance firm. An individual will pay a specified sum of money (premium) in the form of cover to an insurance company. After making this payment, then we can say that the person and the insurance company have entered into a contract. This type of engagement protects the individual covered against unforeseen losses in the future.

Insurance policies come in different forms.  Refer to our financial services essays online to get a deeper explanation on the different types of insurance policies. In this article, we shall preview the major insurance policies in the market

  • Life insurance- it is the most common type of insurance cover. It forms one of the major pillars when it to personal financing. Our financial services homework help experts will give you further explanations on this type of cover. In general, the cover will provide monetary security to the family members of the insurance holder or any other nominated person in the event of his demise.
  • Health insurance- this policy covers the policy holder from incurring medical expenses when seeking treatment. Most of the times, the benefits of this insurance are provided by the organization. The recipient will either be an individual or a family. In some countries for example Britain, healthcare is funded by the government and therefore the medical bill is paid for by the government. On the other end, countries such as USA rely very heavily on insurance companies to pay me treatment expenses. You will learn more about health insurance through our financial services assignment help.
  • Property insurance- this one provides protection against unforeseen risks to property such as theft, earthquake, fire, flood, burglary, accident and so on.
  • Credit insurance- this is the type of cover that pays for debts of the policy holder in the event of disability, loss of employment or eventual death.
  • Accident insurance- This type of coverage is found in most of the developed economies. It protects the policy holder against possible loss of income emanating from incidences such as accidents, disability or loss of employment.

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Banking services

finance essaysBanks are financial institutions that normally raise capital from one entity and then lend it to another entity through capital markets. There are two broad categories of bank operations.

  • Investment banks- these types of banks act like a broker or agents for large organizations where they help them raise capital from other organizations or market through issuance of shares or stocks. They also provide other services such as facilitating mergers and acquisitions, trading other types of capital as well as derivatives.
  • Commercial banks- these are financial institutions which accepts monetary deposits and extends loans to businesses and individuals. Banks may also offer other investment services.

Investment services

This comprises of a number of services which are offered by banks as well as other financial agencies. They serve the role of helping large organizations to raise large sums of money for doing business.  Some of the investment services in the market include;

  • Hedge fund management- involves managing stocks that are classified as high risk. Hedging means managing the risk.
  • Investment banking- this one helps organizations in raising capital from other organizations or financial markets.
  • Asset management- involves the management of stocks, shares and other fixed asset of an organization for the welfare of shareholders and the company.

Forex services-

Most of the banks today offer forex services. These services include;

  • Wire transfer
  • Remittances,
  • Currency exchange

Other financial services

Other financial services used in the market today includes but not limited to;

  • Private equity- managing equities of companies that are not listed in the stock markets
  • Plastic money- issuance of debit and credit cards to people with bank accounts.
  • Debt management- helping debtors to clear their debt

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