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Risk-return assignment help online is one of our favorite subjects. Risk and return go hand in hand; a business must take a risk venture in order to get a return. Risk-return relationship describes the amount gained on a given risk that has been undertaken. A revolutionary study on how to manage a number of investments in order to diversify the risk is referred to as the portfolio management. Any financial investment is associated with a given level of risk. Having problem in solving financial risk term paper? We are offer in depth risk return assignment help online with just a single click.


In investment world the term risk is used to mean the potential to gain or loss money in a given investment. Low levels of risk are associated with ease predictability of the final outcome and hence are associated with low returns. High risks on the other and are associated with a complexity in predicting the outcome and are usually associated with higher returns. Variance is used to measure how investment return is dispersed while standard deviation is used to measure risk. S. Coefficient of variation indicates the nature of relationship between two investments.

Return is the gain or loss upon undertaking a risk. Investment return is affected by a number of factors that occurs in the market. These factors are responsible for generation of a profit or loss.

Investment risk can be broadly classified into two main categories

  1. Systematic risk

Refers to the kind of risk that affects all firms in the industry, it cannot be mitigated through diversification of investment portfolio. Examples of systematic risk include inflation, interest rates, war and recession.  Systematic risk affect all the firms in the economy equally, it is also referred to as undiversiable risk or the market risk.

  1. Unsystematic risk

Unsystematic risk on the other hand refers to risks that face specific firms in the industry. This risk can be avoided through diversification. Examples of unsystematic risk include strikes and change in weather patterns. Other terms used instead of unsystematic risk are specific risk and residual risk.

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