Thesis Writing Process

There are different ways that one can use to write a good thesis. However, regardless of the procedure that is followed, there are common steps that one has to take while writing a thesis. The first step in the process is preparation. One has to prepare before settling down to write a thesis. This is so important that it has been repeatedly said that preparing well for a thesis can guarantee one success at the end of the process. There are several things that one has to do at this stage. For example, one has to take time and read through the requirements of the thesis. This is done as a way of ensuring that the topic and all the issues that are related to the topic of the thesis are properly grasped.  Also, one has to allocate enough time for the actual thesis writing process at this stage.

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The second important step in the process is research. It is during this stage that a person engages with the material that has been collected at a deeper level. There are different things that have to be done at this stage of the process. One has to read through all the texts that have been collected and make notes about what the different writers say. It is from the notes that one is able to develop an argument for the thesis. As much as the process of researching for a thesis sounds like something easy to do, it is not. There are many potential pitfalls that one can easily fall into. One of them is to simply record all the findings that have been published without identifying specific gaps in the literature. This should be avoided at all costs.

The third thesis writing step entails developing an outline of the actual thesis. After taking time to read through different materials and collating the findings of different researchers, one is in a position to commence the actual writing of the thesis. However, before this is done, it is important for one to develop a detailed outline that is to be used in the process. In the outline, all the sections that to be included in the thesis, their length and key arguments that the entire thesis is to be based on are identified and described.

It is after the outline has been developed that one can comfortably write a thesis. The actual writing is, therefore, a detailed expansion of the sketches developed in the earlier stages of research and outline development. Care is taken to use the conventions of referencing style that is required correctly. Other requirements that are provided are usually taken into consideration at this stage of the thesis writing process. These usually involve issues to do with the number of sources that is used in the thesis and the the required format of the paper. It is also important for one to thoroughly go through the work at this stage and correct any form of mistakes that are likely to be found in the work. Finally, the developed essay is extensively revised before being presented for marking.


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